Issues with Our Website

If you have been redirecting to different websites or downloads, our website is now on a more secure network to prevent it, where our address begins with https://(NOT “http://”).

How to access to our secured website:
(1) Go to your browser’s settings menu (sometimes called “preferences”) and clear cookies.
(2) Go to your browser’s settings/preferences and clear history.
(3) After clearing cookies and history, make sure when you go to our website, it begins with https://…
(4) Note: when your cookies are cleared, some websites that use cookies to help with personalization and login assistance will be “reset” so you will have to login again.

Be Careful of Fake Emails

Recently an unknown person has been using the name of a GBC pastor/minister (as well as former GBC pastors) to send emails to GBC co-workers or congregations. The emails are very simple. They just ask for a favour or help and for you to send an email back. Please be alert.
If you receive an email from a current GBC pastor/minister, check the email address. Does it look like it came from the church ( If you reply to the email, please be careful about giving personal information, agreeing to anything, or buying anything.

Recent Sermons

Worship with Music

Sunday Music Dedications
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Upcoming Events

Young Adults Fellowship
20-35 yrs
1st & 3rd Saturdays
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Δ International Students Group

Δ Leaders’ Retreat / Conference

Alpha Course
– Sundays, 11:30 a.m. in GBC Calvary Room
– Invite your non-Christian friends to join

Bible Studies for Life Class
in Bahasa
– Sundays/ 11:30 a.m./ Room B03
– For people who speak Bahasa
– Email: